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You no longer have to work hard to keep the yard looking great. Turft offers everything needed for beautiful, low-maintenance landscaping in every corner of your property. We install only the highest-quality materials and have access to a wide variety of artificial grass products for all types of applications. Turft products are environmentally friendly and safe for both kids and pets.

Benefits of Turft Lawns

In addition to the inherent aesthetic, functional, cost and environmental benefits that synthetic turf has over traditional grass, Turft stands apart from competing turf products with its extensive product line, innovative backing systems and superior turf technology.

  • Looks Like Natural, Healthy Grass
    Turft artificial grass lawns remain lush, vibrant and professionally manicured throughout the year.
  • Save Time. Save Water. Save Money.
    Lawns that require little to no regular maintenance that save you time, money and water, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.
high quality synthetic turf in a backyard
multi-purpose game court in the backyard of a home

The Turft Difference: Exclusive Underlayment Tile System

We install all of our synthetic turf products over a polypropylene drain tile system that allows your turf to dry out completely on a regular basis.

  • Longer lasting turf with less maintenance
  • Clear drainage path for water and waste
  • Airflow under the turf
  • The fast-draining, open-grid surface eliminates puddling
  • Patented, six-point locking system keeps tiles flat and tight providing a solid, stable base for the system

Design & Installation

Working with Turft should be a seamless, hassle free experience. From concept and design to installation and ongoing support, our team has the expertise and quality materials to ensure a successful project.

synthetic turf installed around tiles in a small yard
high quality synthetic turf in a side yard

Estate-Quality Lawns & Landscape

The Turft selection of synthetic grass products are created exclusively for use in landscape designs. We’ve developed a variety of revolutionary fibers to look and feel like real grass. Our Landscape Specialists will help create a custom lawn for you.

Pet-Friendly Grass

Most pets tend to put a lot of stress on natural sod lawns – leading to discoloration, bare patches and mud. We’ll help provide a clean, safe environment where waste can be easily rinsed through with a hose. And, heavy-use areas can be treated with antibacterial enzymes if needed.

dog sitting comfortably on a lawn
high quality synthetic turf in a side yard

Sports Turf

In addition to our extensive line of golf solutions, Turft also provides synthetic turf products specifically designed for other sports and games. We can design and install synthetic grass tennis courts, bocce courts, batting cages and more.

Design & Installation Support

Estate-Quality Lawns


Sports Turf

Learn more about our process that guides you from turf and base selection all the way through to design and installation.