Game Courts

VersaCourt Game Courts

As an authorized dealer and installer for VersaCourt, Turft specializes in the development of custom indoor and outdoor game courts for a variety of sports and activities.

Every VersaCourt game court is designed using the most innovative tile on the market, ensuring a safe, reliable playing surface to play all of your favorite sports. With endless custom options and game lines, Tour Greens Nashville can design a court that meets all of your activity requirements, transforming your backyard or facility into a recreational paradise!

versacourt basketball court





shuffleboard court in the middle of a park

Design & Installation

The team at Turft can outfit your home or facility with the ultimate multi-sport game court. From home basketball courts to ITF-rated tennis courts, our design and construction team can evaluate your space, develop recommendations and provide turkey installation including excavation, subsurface preparation, and final court and accessory assembly.

Popular Installations:

  • Popular Installations:
  • Basketball Courts
  • Shuffleboard Courts
  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts
backyard basketball court set up in a beautiful backyard
man playing pickleball
Commercial pickleball court from VersaCourt
multi-purpose game court in the backyard of a home

Learn more about our process that guides you from court and base selection all the way through to design and installation.