Short Game Greens

Experience Tour Level Greens
In Your Own Backyard

Imagine practicing your golf game in the backyard on a premium practice facility.
Not just your putting but your entire short game. With Turft this dream becomes reality.

Our Short Game Greens are a testament to the evolution of synthetic golf greens, offering an unparalleled experience right in your own backyard. Experience the aesthetics, texture, and performance of a championship-caliber golf course, all within your reach.

With Tour Greens Short Game Greens, you’ll harness the power of a natural bent grass putting surface, enhancing every facet of your short game. Say goodbye to excessive maintenance and hello to ultimate convenience. Elevate your golf skills effortlessly with Tour Greens. Experience the future of golf, today.

The Short Game Green System

At Tour Greens Nashville, we’re dedicated to replicating the genuine look, feel, and performance of natural grass golf greens. Our secret lies in cutting-edge synthetic turf crafted from fibrillated polypropylene fibers and our exclusive RQS™ Infill System.

This state-of-the-art technology, paired with our Turft certified installation process, empowers our team to craft short game greens that embrace pitches and chips just like their natural grass counterparts. Experience the pinnacle of golfing realism with Tour Greens Nashville. Elevate your game with us today!

chipping a shot on a backyard short game green
putting green on a course next to a lake

Tour Greens Short Game Greens:

  • Mimics the performance of natural grass greens for chips and pitch shots
  • Provide a smooth, consistent putting surface with true ball roll
  • Customizable surface speeds
  • Requires virtually no maintenance

Natural Feel and Performance

Unlike typical artificial surfaces, our Tour Greens Short Game Greens provide the authentic experience of a natural bent grass putting green. Here’s the remarkable difference: when you chip onto our greens, the ball behaves just like it would on natural turf. It checks up, and with a well-executed backspin, you can even make the ball stop or back up.

Discover the unmatched realism of Tour Greens Short Game Greens. Elevate your short game with us and experience golf like never before.

beautiful putting green with a large mountain in the background

Mimics Natural Grass

Consistent Ball Roll

Custom Surface Speeds

Low Maintenance

outdoor putting green with 5 different holes

Uniform and Individualized Greens Performance

Our Tour Greens Short Game Greens replicate the flawless performance of bent grass greens, ensuring a consistently true and even roll across the entire green. But that’s not all – at Tour Greens Nashville, we go the extra mile to personalize your experience. We can tailor the green speeds to harmonize with your home course, emulate championship-caliber greens, or align with your personal preferences.

Experience precision in putting like never before with Tour Greens Nashville. Customize your green speeds and elevate your game to new heights.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Our Tour Greens Short Game Greens are designed to grant you more time for honing your short game, with minimal daily upkeep requirements. To maintain peak performance, a leaf blower can be used as needed to keep the green free from debris. For optimal long-term play, consider an annual maintenance routine that includes brushing, applying new top dressing, and rolling the green.

Experience the ease of low-maintenance excellence with Tour Greens Short Game Greens. Maximize your practice time and elevate your golfing skills effortlessly..

putting green by the beach
turft team installing an outdoor putting green

Professional Installation

At Tour Greens Nashville, our extensive experience in crafting tour-quality putting greens ensures your complete satisfaction. When you choose us, you gain access to a team that excels in designing and installing greens tailored precisely to your specifications. We prioritize not only meeting your aesthetic desires but also catering to your practice requirements.

Experience the pinnacle of excellence with our professional installation services. Trust us to bring your vision to life, and elevate your golfing experience like never before.

Learn more about our process that guides you from turf and base selection all the way through to design and installation.

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