Tee Boxes + Hitting Mats

Experience Tour Level Greens
In Your Own Backyard

Imagine practicing your golf game in the backyard on a premium practice facility.

Not just your putting but your entire game. With Turft this dream becomes reality.

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Experience Unmatched Performance with Turft’s Artificial Turf Tee Boxes and Hitting Mats. Our cutting-edge hitting surfaces are engineered for enduring quality, providing you with consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Ultimate Tee Hitting Mats

Tour Greens Ultimate Tee hitting mats provide the natural feel of a real grass tee box, without all of the maintenance requirements. Our ultimate tee boxes are the perfect choice for backyard par 3’s and mid-range iron shots.

  • Natural give and feel of real grass
  • 5/8″ foam pad backing for comfort
  • Made from durable 110 oz. nylon fiber
  • Holds tees like natural grass
    putting course outside of a business building
    fairway mat diagram

    Fairway Hitting Mats

    Tour Greens Fairway hitting mats are designed to simulate the look and feel of hitting from a well-maintained fairway. These mats can be placed at various angles around a Tour Greens putting green, to allow golfers to master their short approach shots.

    • Simulates look and feel of fairway turf
    • Durable 55 oz. nylon fiber
    • 5/8″ foam pad backing for comfort

      Driving Range Mats

      Tour Greens driving range mats provide a consistent and even surface for ball striking.

      • Provides consistent striking surface
      • Short-pile nylon with holes for rubber tees
      • Multiple hole placement provides versatility and longevity
      • 5/8″ foam pad backing for comfort
        driving range mat diagram

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