Tennis + Pickleball

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

As an official dealer for VersaCourt Game Courts, we can transform your backyard into a vibrant hub of activity with a low-maintenance tennis or pickleball court. Can’t decide? Our factory can add lines for both games or craft a versatile multi-sport game court.

VersaCourt’s modular court surfaces offer durability without compromising comfort, delivering excellent ball response and a consistent bounce. The subtle vertical flex contributes to injury prevention by reducing strain on aging joints and lower backs. Moreover, our patented six-point interlocking system ensures a secure and straightforward installation.

man playing pickleball
shuffleboard court in the middle of a park

Design and Installation

Count on our team to handle all aspects of the installation process, from crafting the court’s layout to assembling the tiles. We also offer an extensive selection of complementary products, including lighting, nets, ball containment fencing, and rebounders, to elevate the functionality and enjoyment of your tennis court.

backyard basketball court set up in a beautiful backyard
grass tennis court
Commercial pickleball court from VersaCourt

Learn more about our process that guides you from court and base selection all the way through to design and installation.